Rol-Tru Bearings                                                                  
Our Design Approach

Rol-Tru Bearings produces a wide range of products, including "specials" and assemblies utilizing "off-the-shelf" precision bearings.  Due to our expertise in manufacturing bearing components and in bearing assembly, we have become very efficient at assembling all types of products with and without bearings.  Our Engineering design staff custom builds all of our assembly equipment, bringing another level of efficiency to our product line.

Rol-Tru Bearings utilizes a design and engineering staff in order to design, test and efficiently assemble the following products:

Rol-Tru purchases 100% of the components necessary for the above products, including precision turned parts from a world-class manufacturer - Dell Tool!

Key Industries

We service many different industries, specializing in the business products field (components for copiers, check writers, printers, etc.).  A few of the current applications for our products are:

The Rol-Tru Design Concept

Our custom design concept embraces the notion of an "integrated" bearing as part of a further assembly.  This means the bearing component features are created directly within the assembly components - for instance, instead of pressing a bearing on a shaft, our concept would cut the actual bearing raceways directly onto the shaft - we then assemble the bearing around the shaft!

The standard "industry" approach:

Problems with the above "standard industry approach":


The Rol-Tru Bearings approach!:

The Rol-Tru design concept in many cases provides a superior alternative (in terms of cost and flexibility) to the idea of using "off-the-shelf" bearings pressed onto a ground and hardened shaft.  This is particularly true when the application calls for press fits on both the bearing inside and outside diameters, such as when a bearing must be pressed on a shaft and then a subsequent pulley or idler must be pressed over the bearing.   The benefits to the Rol-Tru design include:

Sample Designs

Review our bearing sample page, then give us a call and see what we can do for your application!