Dell Tool / Rol-Tru Bearings
Internal Software Development

Manufacturing Execution Software

One area that makes us different than our competitors is our professional software development expertise. Our President, Paul Jordan, has extensive experience in the software development field and all aspects and principles of IEEE SDLC Project Management

Our software development team utilizes the SEI-CMM process methodology and we have successfully implemented up to level 3 KPA's

The "process and standards" approach to software development allows us to decrease variability in the process, something we are very familiar with on the manufacturing side of things!

We utilize object-oriented development tools (currently VB.NET on a Microsoft Windows 2003 network platform).

Key Benefits of our Software Systems

Flexible Capabilities

Information is available when YOU need it
Just call in to our customer service area, and we can provide current order status as well as answers to "what if" scenarios in a timely fashion.

We can adjust to our customer's software requirements
Because of our internal software development capability within a rapid-application development (RAD) environment, we can literally implement new software features within days or weeks of a customer request.

Our software is customized to the way YOU do business
Many companies with "canned" packages must sacrifice versatility.  When customer demands mean software modifications,  those using canned packages typically either change procedures to match the existing software capabilities or pay for (and wait for!) the application to be customized.  With our internal development capabilities, we can ensure our systems implement the vision of our customers and employees.