Dell Tool
Turned Parts and Machining

Dell Tool primarily manufactures precision turned parts from a variety of materials (cold rolled steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminum, plastics, tubing and bar stock)  utilizing screw machine tools.  We also have vertical machining center capability, to allow both primary and secondary operations. We currently employ all single-spindle lathes, the vast majority of which are equipped with automatic, multiple bar loaders.

Expertise in precision turned parts and shafting at Dell Tool emerged from our initial purpose - to make precision turned parts for ball bearing assemblies.   This led to a level of machinery and workforce expertise which proved extremely competitive and beneficial to those markets other than bearing components.  Dell Tool quickly branched out into these markets, to the point today where we are a Certified Supplier to Fortune 500 companies while continuing to supply bearing components to Rol-Tru Bearings.

Turned parts are created by loading bar stock into a screw machine, then machining the parts as the bar is fed through the machine.  This process yields a vast majority of the turned parts available today and depending on the machine tool, can create extremely tight tolerance parts.



Quality Systems

Statistical Process Control (SPC)

All of our screw machine operators are fully trained in statistical process control (SPC) and generate the data for each machine under their control.  They are trained in control limits, charting techniques, spotting trends, what Cp and Cpk values mean, and the importance of when to adjust a process.  This data is fed into a PC-based software system, which then calculates values, charts, histograms, etc.  All of this data is available to the customer.

Processing a New Job

The turned parts area performs a "new job review" for each and every new job accepted.  This includes detailed quality plans along with production plans, including machine and process capability studies.  Our preliminary quality plan is then faxed or mailed to our customer contact.  This plan will include the dimensions you deem critical-to-function (CTF) along with the dimensions we deem critical-to-manufacture (CTM).  As well, gages, inspection methodology and gage calibration data is included.  This is your opportunity to review our plan for quality and either approve or provide further input.